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Dear Cancer, You Don’t Get Any of the Credit!

by Alyssa ShangoldSurvivor, Medulloblastoma Brain TumorJune 20, 2023View more posts from Alyssa Shangold

Dear Cancer,

I am so furious with you and I hate you in a way that words cannot even begin to describe! You came into my life at such an early age, and to say you completely changed my life honestly feels like an understatement. You totally turned my world upside down and you’ve taken so much from me. You have robbed me of so many of the pleasures and experiences of childhood and adolescence. You’ve taken my balance, wreaked havoc on my motor skills, zapped my energy, and caused me so much pain during our journey together, not to mention the pain and heartache you have caused my friends and family.

Cancer, I am lucky enough to have experienced plenty of silver linings that have come with your unwelcome presence in my life. The most recent came in the form of the wonderful friends and activities that I’ve been able to experience through the amazing organizations that I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to be involved with. But Cancer, I REFUSE to give you the credit for that. For that my gratitude and thanks goes to Nick and the team at Elephants and Tea, Stephanie at YASU, the teams at Cactus Cancer Society, and Stupid Cancer. Through these wonderful organizations I have formed my “cancer fam” and for that I am truly grateful to them, Cancer, NOT YOU!

Cancer, you still affect me and make my life difficult today, and for that I truly hate you! It is so unfair that you continue to take our friends, family, and loved ones away from us, and that just adds on to my hatred for you! After having dealt with you I know I am a stronger, more empathetic, and all-around better person. But again, Cancer, you don’t get any of the credit—that was all me! Let me end this letter by saying: Cancer, you lost! They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and in my experience this is definitely true, however, I will forever hate you, and will never ever be thankful for you!

F*ck you!


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