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The Moment . . .

by Liz KennishCaregiver, Hodgkin’s lymphomaJanuary 9, 2023View more posts from Liz Kennish

The Moment . . .

Have you seen a soul enter this world? 

Have you felt a room fill with the energy of new life? 

You can feel it. 

The moment this tiny being joins you on this side, the room changes. 

There is an electricity, a palpable jolt that all who are privileged to be present get to feel. 

It is magic. 

This magic is talked about by those who’ve seen it, those who’ve felt it. 

We can’t keep it to ourselves so we share with anyone who will listen, telling them of the magic we witnessed. 

It’s a moment I hope you get to experience.


Have you seen a soul leave this world? 

Have you felt a room be drained of their air? 

Felt their skin grow cold, and seen their eyes stop seeing? 

Have you felt the weight of death as it enters a room? 

You can feel the moment it happens, the moment their magic leaves this world. 

It will rock you to your core. 

We don’t talk about it. 

It is heavy and feels like pain, so we keep this inside, but it too is magic. 

The privilege of being with someone as they depart is a gift to them, but also to you. 

It’s a moment I hope you get to experience.

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