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Just for Today

by Tawny RachellePatient/Survivor, Breast CancerSeptember 18, 2023View more posts from Tawny Rachelle

Can I tell myself just for today

that I love myself

That if ever I was to love myself

It would be today in this moment

Can I

Can I tell myself that I love you

I love your smile

I love the way you laugh

I love the silly crinkle in my nose that comes and goes with deep smiles

I love

well it’s hard to love myself in moments

But today

Today I will

Today I will

I will love how resilient I am

How strong and determined I am

How sometimes my empathy is but a guidance and a curse

I love that I see my world around me in vivid colors

I love that I never give up

I love that I did not let my past traumas

Define me


Can I tell myself just for today

that I love myself


I love my almond shaped eyes

And how when the weather and depending on what I wear, they seem to change colors

And how i am able to see beauty in places others can not

I love my mind

I love my mind

For being able to help me figure out all the madness inside it

I love my mouth

For I have learned to speak with honesty and authenticity

Knowing I wont be everyones cup of tea

I love my breastless chest

For everything it showed me

That my breasts don’t make me

They might have given me shape but i am not my breasts

That I am not breast cancer

Cancer is just but chapters in my book

I love that my scars are just that


That I will love them for knowing that I listened to my gut

I love that I listen to her

Yes she has had moments of confusions but dont we all


Can I tell myself just for today

that I love myself


And my girl bits

I love you

For allowing me to feel pleasure

For helping me grow into a women

Even if I sit hollow

Because well cancer took that as well

I love my hips and legs

For holding me up when days I find it so hard to stand


But mostly I love me

I love you

I love you at this moment

I love you in all the moments

The moments your days are heavy

The days you don’t want to get out of bed but you do

I love you even in your stubbornness

Because sometimes your past creeps in

I love you for learning to love yourself

For giving yourself grace

And for knowing its a journey not a race

I know you have moments in which some days you find it harder than others

But i love that each day you are trying

Each day



You still find love for yourself

You had even had moments you told yourself

I hate you

Only because it’s familiar

More easier to do so than to say

I love myself

I love you


But not today

Today i love you


Today I love you

Today i love you


Today I love you for showing up for yourself

Today I love you

Today I love you

Today I love you period


– TawnyRachelle

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