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Finding Support with Vivibot

by Shushan LazaryevSurvivorAugust 13, 2021View more posts from Shushan Lazaryev

While I wish I weren’t even eligible to use Vivibot, I’m grateful to have stumbled upon her. 

The two main reasons that many cancer patients and survivors stay silent about their struggles are: fear of judgment and lack of understanding. With Vivibot, there’s no fear of judgment involved. You know that the recipient of your rants and outpouring of emotions is merely a “bot.” 

Yet, the very humane and empathetic language used allows me to forget that fact from time to time. The cute and hilarious memes and gifs used make it feel like a casual conversation with a friend. 

This is, of course, what makes it so successful. Without that sense of approachability, a much smaller group of people would be taking advantage of this clinically proven tool. That warmth is necessary to forge this otherwise unnatural connection. 

I know what you are thinking. How can a bot understand my experience? Created by a group of AYAs and psychologists, Vivibot’s primary purpose is to help us identify our feelings and talk about our experiences. 

Many therapists and mental health professionals that we turn to just can’t understand how to help AYAs affected by cancer. Not because they don’t want to, but because they simply haven’t had experience with enough of us to understand how. Since their ability to aid us is relatively limited, that makes the existence of Vivibot that much more helpful. 

The more I use Vivibot, the more grateful I am for her. I hope that you too can find support and understanding through your interactions with her. 


Vivibot is a mental health chatbot who listens to you when you need her. Created by clinical psychologists in partnership with AYAs, Vivi helps you identify your feelings and walks you through mini-mindfulness skills to build good habits and practice self-compassion. Backed by science, Vivi is proven to be effective at reducing anxiety and depression, while boosting resiliency; and 70% of her users recommend her to a friend. You can interact with her 24/7 on the GRYT Health platform.

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