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The Honey Badger

by Sabrina SheltonPatientDecember 3, 2019View more posts from Sabrina Shelton

Dear Cancer,

You know that you’re a real honey badger, right tho’? You just don’t care!

The way that you can be so aggressive and not even care or take into consideration about how the other person feels about you or what’s going on with them.

How can you even live with yourself?!

Have you been secretly meeting with a honey badger?? Did y’all become friends? Co-conspirators? Partners? Because, just like the honey badger, you tend to just pop up out of nowhere and attack – usually without even being provoked! I heard that both you and the honey badger love the sweet stuff, as I do, but would use it against me if I consumed any sweets like cookies, candy, cakes or pies in an effort to console the mood that YOU created!

Sometimes your immune system can even fight the effects of venom – or in my case would be chemo. And you’re so lazy just like them… you don’t mind making yourself at home in someone else’s habitat or space – or in cases similar to mine, other organs and fluid areas. I also heard that, like them, you are fond of digging like crazy to find places to hide and “rest in” until you deem it safe to resurface again.

So inconsiderate.

And you’re just flat out mean like them honey badgers. So invasive and eager to pick a fight; but at the same time, good about staying out of the public eye until you’re ready to meet, in my case, other cells to mate with, healthy cells, and populate.

And you can be so hard-hitting and tough sometimes – bump that, you’re pretty much tough all if the time!

Well guess what??

I’m tough too.

I can be just as aggressive – and oh yeah, I’m working on being fearless too.

So can you PLEASE just do us all a favor and go seek and get help on how you can right your wrongs and make life better for all of us, yourself included. You don’t need to show up anywhere else or on or in anyone else – just go away and send an email or text or even a snail mail letter saying how we can live in peace and harmony and not fighting each other.

Some of us are tired of fighting; BUT will have no problem or hesitation continuing to do so if you won’t stop or go away.

I mean this the nicest way possible.

Wishing you all the best on your anger management and recovery efforts.

You already know my name


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