The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Dear Cancer, Keep Your Distance

by Ria PatelSurvivor, Immature Teratoma of the Right OvaryJune 2, 2023View more posts from Ria Patel

Dear Cancer, Keep Your Distance

Hey Cancer,

I can see you looking at me.

Stay back, across the street, stay steady.

It’s been two years.


I still feel you crawling under my skin

after kicking you out of me.

I’m not angry, I promise, but I’m terrified.

Read a few Buddhist scriptures,

learned to forgive.

But, it’s hard to forget what you did to me.


Your shadow’s hanging over me, I feel you close.

Paranoia creeping up on me; It’s so unfair.

Everybody thinks you’re far in the past.

I wish they understood

the way it feels like hide and seek.


I’m still trying my best.

Picking up shards of glass.

It’s not too gloomy, I’m actually doing quite well.

I’m in my second year of school now.

I even fell in love.

He’s busy helping me clean up the mess you made.

Please don’t take me away from him.


I try to sleep comfortably

but you still keep me awake.

I’ll never know what it feels like to walk alone.

I’ll always feel you at a distance

and I’m scared

of feeling you breathing down my neck again.

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