The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Dear Cancer, I’ll Keep Winning

by Natalie HiltonJuly 2, 2021View more posts from Natalie Hilton

Dear Cancer,

You have taken away so many lives,
You even tried to take mine.
You have caused so many cries,
But God gave me a sign.

My doctor declared war with you,
So I prepared myself for combat.
My nurses knew exactly what to do,
And we merked you, like so bad.

You gave me nosebleeds and mouth sores,
You changed me from the inside and out.
That transplant shit was super hardcore,
Ativan and Benadryl is what I couldn’t live without.

You couldn’t take my life,
So you took my fertility instead.
I still got to become a wife
Even while the COVID spread.

I hope the future stops your unfairness,
Once and for all.
Until then I’ll be spreading awareness,
You can bet I’ll keep winning, that is all.

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