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Being On A Budget With Cancer

by Mallory CaspersonSurvivor, Hodgkin's LymphomaOctober 26, 2018View more posts from Mallory Casperson

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Let’s get real people.  Cancer is expensive!  Have no fear though…there is still a way to enjoy life and spend less money while doing so 🙂

Here are 10 tips for being on a budget while dealing with cancer…

1. Don’t go anywhere you like to spend money.

For me, this means not going to Target 🙂  I don’t know how it happens but I typically spent about $40…regardless of what I intended to buy there in the first place.

2. Pack a lunch and/or snack.

Eating out is so expensive.  Spend a few extra minutes each night, or each morning, making your lunch and packing an extra afternoon snack.  All of a sudden that $8 lunch just turned into a healthy, and just what you wanted anyway, $3 packed lunch.

3. Carry a bottle of water.

Buying a water (or soda) while you are out and about can cost you an arm and a leg…and let’s not even get into the waste that plastic bottles leave in our landfills.  Instead, carry around a water bottle wherever you go.  You’ll stay well hydrated and your money will stay safely in your wallet.  I seriously carry a bottle of water everywhere I go…I am particularly partial to this bottle and this bottle.

4 Skip the expensive coffee.

You know that chain coffee shop that you just can’t escape and who charges you out the wazoo for your favorite, creamy coffee drink?  Yea, me too!  Get yourself some coffee at your favorite coffee shop (yes, they will sell you coffee beans!) and brew it yourself at home!  Need those syrups and creamers?  No problem!  The grocery store sells those too for a fraction of the cost of going to the coffee shop.

5. Skip the expensive nails.

Just like the coffee, you can do your own nails at home!  We’ll do a tutorial on this soon, here on Lacuna Loft!

7. While traveling, eat non-US food.

Have you ever noticed that the best, cheap food in a city tends to be found in non-US restaurants?  Instead of going to that steak house, try the Ethiopian place down the street.  Instead of that milk shake and fries, try the Korean restaurant with its diverse menu at great prices.  You will broaden your culinary horizons at the same time as enjoying a great meal.

8. Have potluck dinners with friends instead of eating out.

This is a great way of engaging your social network while also eating well.  Having each person bring a food item helps to spread out the cost of the evening while remaining far cheaper than going to a restaurant.

9. Go to museums and exhibitions when they have a free entry day/afternoon.

While this takes a bit of internet searching and/or calling to the museum in question, many museums offer a free afternoon, evening, or entire day once a month!  Such a great way to get out of the house AND not have to spend money!

10. See a morning or afternoon movie.

Mornings and afternoons are the best time to see movies.  Not only are the tickets less expensive then, but the theater is also guaranteed to be less crowded!

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