The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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Survivor, Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Mallory is the CEO and Founder of Lacuna Loft. She has an MS and half a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During her Master’s and PhD, Mallory worked with the Air Force Research Lab as well as NASA on high temperature metal fatigue experiments and simulations. She left graduate school in August 2013 and launched a nonprofit, Lacuna Loft, in April 2015. Applying her love for engineering and technology to her nonprofit endeavor, Mallory manages operations, programs, and development at Lacuna Loft where online support programs and resources are provided to young adult cancer survivors and caregivers in the comfort of their own homes. Mallory is an avid lover of animals, running, swimming, hiking, being outside, reading, making things, and TV or movie marathons.

This Road of Survivorship

by Mallory Casperson March 12, 2023

Carol Anne was my friend. She took lovely photos, had the fluffiest cats, and she passed away a few months ago. We spent hours and hours together in online programming with Cactus Cancer Society. I had the pleasure of hearing her writing, seeing her artwork, and listening to her creative and generous take on the world around us.


Cold & In the Wide-Open Air

by Mallory Casperson June 28, 2022

Dear Cancer,
I am so far from
the me who sat in that chair
cold and so afraid.


Dear Cancer, You’ve Come Back

by Mallory Casperson June 11, 2021

I cried to the universe. I yelled at the sky.  I cursed the heavens. How could this be? Why was this happening? How would we make it through?


Survival is Insufficient

by Mallory Casperson June 19, 2020

Now there is scientific research showing that the young adult cancer population, aged 18-39, is the most isolated age-group who experiences cancer, and that this isolation is linked to all sorts of quality of life issues.  It affects survival rates, reintegration into normal life, and a host of other things.  There is data showing that surviving cancer is not enough, we must also be helped to thrive.  There is data showing that survival is insufficient.


Surviving As A Caregiver

by Mallory Casperson October 7, 2019

Though I’m a young adult cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 24, I first heard the words ‘you have cancer’ said to my mother 2 years before my own diagnosis. 


Moving Connection Online

by Mallory Casperson May 23, 2019

It is not enough to just survive cancer.  Through an online community and online programs, young adult cancer survivors can connect with one another, validate one another’s concerns, and thereby reclaim their post-cancer lives alongside those who understand.  They can regain control over their lives post-cancer and thrive. 


Being On A Budget With Cancer

by Mallory Casperson October 26, 2018

Let’s get real people.  Cancer is expensive!  Have no fear though…there is still a way to enjoy life and spend less money while doing so 🙂 Here are 10 tips for being on a budget while dealing with cancer… 1. Don’t go anywhere you like to spend money.


Things I’ve Learned While Applying For New Healthcare Coverage

by Mallory Casperson

Applying for new health care coverage is a stressful and time consuming process.  There are definitely some tricks of the trade though, and equipped with the right information you’ll be able to apply in no time!  Didn’t see our last post about health care coverage?  Go here! don’t be shy…ask questions! My cancer treatments and […]


This Should Never Happen

by Mahalia Breen

A former student of mine posted this link to a GoFundMe page a young woman set up before committing suicide. The subtext of her suicide note is that she didn’t feel worth the cost of the treatment necessary to keep her alive, and she didn’t want to be a financial burden to her family any […]


After A Mastectomy You Get New Boobs! Yay! Wait, Not Really…

by Karen

When I tell people about my mastectomy and breast reconstruction, I receive lots of support, many questions and even some rude comments. The most frequent thing I hear from both women and men is “at least you will get perky boobs” (insert awkward laugh here)