The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.


The stories and experiences are written by people after cancer treatments. These stories are written for those learning how to get back to work, college or just trying to be themselves again. Just getting past treatments isn’t enough, it is surviving and thriving that is key to being you again.

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Blossoming Through Adversity

by Deysi Vatman May 9, 2024

My mother named me after a flower, with the intention and the idea that I am capable of growing and blooming. When I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma as an eight-year-old child, I learned the ability to grow. At first, I was confused by the word cancer.


Dating and Relationships During Cancer

by Vikki Ramdass May 8, 2024

Hi Herd,

It’s been a while. I missed you all. I took a long break from the big “C” word and decided to live a “normal life.” Did you all think that I got very far? LOL!


Dear Matt

by Alana Wexler May 7, 2024

Dear Matt,

If you are reading this, it means that I am not going to die anytime soon. Sorry.


Exploring Death Anxiety in Cancer Survivorship

by Ria Patel May 2, 2024

April 27th, 2020 is the day I will remember forever, as it is the day that I died. Looking back, I can only see my own naivety. The wide-eyed, hopeful version of myself. I never saw her again after that and I never will, but I can still see glimpses of her in the mirror.


The Roller Coaster Ride

by Stephanie Stene

I remember sitting on my very first roller coaster ride in West Edmonton Mall back in 2008. I was 11 years old at the time and I was peer pressured to go on the ride. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it but I got on it anyway. Once the ride started, my hands started turning white from gripping the handlebars too tightly and I was screaming so loudly, as if my life was about to end.


What I Wish I Knew About Getting a Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

by Justine Martin May 1, 2024

I wanted to write about some things I wish knew about thyroid cancer. I just know how scary and frightening a thyroid cancer diagnosis is. I went through thyroid cancer treatment and radioactive iodine treatment for my thyroid cancer. It can be a scary experience for anyone who has a family history of thyroid issues. As a thyroid cancer survivor, it can make you feel a lot of mixed emotions, and it can cause some toxic thoughts.


Cancer’s Crash Course in Relationships…

by Michelle Lawrence April 30, 2024

Cancer is a disease caused by the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. It has uncontrollably killed my relationships and then has divided my surviving relationships into abnormal categories. These categories are: cancer is slowly killing us, cancer made us stronger, and cancer left us somewhere in the middle. Cancer has impacted my friendships, and I haven’t found a treatment that works yet.


Cancer Friends

by Missy Burgess April 25, 2024


Cancer during COVID. Seven hours from family. Neutropenic in the middle of a global pandemic. An unexpected passenger on the roller coaster of life.


The Phrases That Define Us

by Cody Morrison

“Call it by its full name—just saying ‘cancer’ gives it power over you.”

That was the advice given to me by my first managing oncologist (he helped manage my treatment, while a local guy monitored and took care of things if I was in the hospital) near the time I was diagnosed.


Survivorship is Hard

by Jennifer Anand April 24, 2024

Survivorship is hard. It never goes away. You always live a bit on the edge, wondering what will happen next. Or even if you’re going to make it through the day. I’m by myself. Live by myself, drive by myself, flying solo (to the shock of the friendly Costco lady today). If I didn’t respond to any messages and wasn’t online for 24 hours my coworkers Daniel and Savannah would check in on me. But that’s a long time.