The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Posts by Kayla Fulginiti

Session #8 – Understanding and Addressing the Psychosocial Needs of AYA Patients

by Kayla Fulginiti May 22, 2024

This session will focus on: (1) describing the prevalence of some of these common psychosocial needs and, (2) discussing strategies for providing effective support to those AYAs who most need our care.


Session #7 – Cancer Isn’t Free: The Risks of Financial Toxicity for AYAs

by Kayla Fulginiti April 24, 2024

Managing the financial costs and associated challenges of cancer care and survivorship for AYAs is critical. This session will provide real life examples of financial toxicity to illustrate the importance of assessing and advocating for your patients from the start.


Session #6 – AYAs’ Priorities for Care While Living With Advanced Cancer

by Kayla Fulginiti February 28, 2024

This session will focus on 7 core domains of high quality care and will discuss these areas and ways to support patient-centered care in each domain


Session #5 – Substance Use and Abuse in AYA Oncology Patients

by Kayla Fulginiti January 29, 2024

This session will focus on data regarding substance use and abuse in oncology patients and survivors, the importance of addressing substance use in oncology, and how to address these topics with patients.


Session #4 – Oncofertility

by Kayla Fulginiti November 20, 2023

This presentation on Best Practices in Pediatric, Adolescent, and Young Adult Oncofertility seeks to present strategies to improve outcomes for this population with an equity lens.


Session #3: Sexual Health and AYA-O Care

by Kayla Fulginiti October 30, 2023

This presentation will include how to communicate with AYAs about sexual health, nuts and bolts for how to identify and assess common problems, and practical strategies for helpful intervention.


Session #2: Disparities in AYA Oncology

by Kayla Fulginiti September 14, 2023

This presentation will review key disparities in AYA survival and health-related quality of life, sociodemographic and clinical variables associated with poorer health and survival outcomes, and opportunities to mitigate these disparities.


Session #1: Epidemiology and Biology of AYA Oncology

by Kayla Fulginiti August 10, 2023

The emergence of the field of adolescent and young adult (AYA) oncology was led by analyses of the epidemiology of cancer occurring across a span of ages from childhood to older adulthood. This presentation will review the epidemiology of AYA cancer and the unique biology associated with cancers diagnosed in the AYA age range.