The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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Survivor, Hodgkin's Lymphona

A Toast to My Twenties

by Alyssa Stein April 6, 2023

a toast to my twenties

at twenty years young, my friends piled into my car until every seat and lap were occupied and we drove until the odometer hit 100,000 miles in virginville, pennsylvania.

twenty-one was spent bar hoping with my uncle until the night ended with my head in my grandparent’s kitchen sink.

twenty-two was the year i graduated, moved, started over, and fell in love.


The Show Must Go On & other poems

by Alyssa Stein March 21, 2023

it’s easier to be written out of the storyline
that’s why my character always dies
and if they survive, it always comes back
again and again until the sickness wins
because healing is messy, hard, and
never a straight line


Consent & Good Bones

by Alyssa Stein December 14, 2022

what does consent mean
if you aren’t saying yes for yourself
if every incision, stitch, vile of blood
is done because i am too scared to say no


Preventative Measures

by Alyssa Stein November 29, 2022

i could never eat as fast as my food could rot
milk goes sour
mold blooms on bread
even the oreos go stale
i stand each week at the counter
separating the good from the bad