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Mom’s 6 Tips: Staying Well During Cancer Treatment

by Angie Giallourakis, PhDCaregiver, Founder of Steven G. Cancer FoundationMarch 5, 2019View more posts from Angie Giallourakis, PhD

We know that a cancer diagnoses is incredibly stressful and frightening. A person’s emotions are usually over the top – and yet, we know that in order to survive this horrible ordeal the patient needs physical and emotional nourishment while in treatment.

People who undergo cancer treatment need to feel as good as possible. Chemotherapy and radiation messes with one’s energy level, bodily functions, and emotions. Radiation can alter the composition of the skin by causing a burning sensation and/or swelling. Surgery means some part of the body was cut into – not pleasant to think about, but a reality.

In order to remain strong enough to endure treatments individuals should seriously consider maintaining a healthy diet, do some type of physical exercise, and get emotional support.

I am not suggesting your start a new diet or a new exercise program. But I do recommend you consider the following suggestions:

Eating Healthy Food

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Get Some Exercise.

Watch Out for Fad Diets and Well-Intentioned Recommendations from Relatives or Friends

Mind-Body Relaxation

Emotional Support

Concluding Thoughts

Managing and completing cancer treatment is a test of emotional, spiritual, and physical endurance. The examples presented here are suggestions to consider as a means to improve ones’ quality of life during treatment. A good quality of life can help with survivorship. These suggestions are based upon research. But as mentioned above it is vital that you communicate with your oncologist and medical team.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! You have a right to learn about the best ways to behave and feel during cancer treatment.

Angie Giallourakis, Ph.D. (aka Mom)

Angie is a former rehabilitation counselor, college professor, researcher turned cancer advocate and mother to a two time cancer survivor. Over the past ten years she has sought to learn about the best ways to survive cancer treatment. As a result of this research she has become trained in the following fields:

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