The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Lung Cancer

I’m Positive I Hate You

by Marley Coxe July 11, 2024

Dear ALK Positive,

I guess it’s time we became acquainted.

You’ve chosen this body to be your vessel. It would have been nice if you’d asked before rudely invading. Even trying to hide while you spread yourself out across more space than you needed.


Cancer Cannot Stop You

by Lauren Coye January 12, 2023

I have never been a runner. I was athletic, if I were to be generous about it, but never a runner.

It wasn’t until after my cancer diagnosis that I decided to hit the pavement. As a 24-year-old nonsmoker, I never expected to receive a lung cancer diagnosis, nor did I expect all the things that were to follow in the next couple of months.


Gone But Not Forgotten

by Diane Spry September 27, 2020

The thing about survivors’ guilt is that you do not truly understand if you have not been through it. I was diagnosed at a young age with advanced stage lung cancer.


My Soul and My Body

by Elizabeth Jenkins February 7, 2020

It’s like I told my husband, if my book, helps just one person this is all that matters to me.  I just want people to know there is a meditation book out there not just for the cancer patient, but also for the caregivers, the medical profession, friends, family, or anyone who has been affected by cancer.  I know I am a miracle.