The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

endometrial cancer

I Wish I Knew

by Sarah Ammerman April 11, 2024

I wish I knew how scared other people would be, as if they could catch death just by being near me.
I wish I knew how many people would slowly fade away from me.
I wish I knew how incredibly hard it is to tell people how scared you are.


Dear Cancer, For the Love of Food

by Carrie T February 14, 2023

Dear Cancer, 

You have taken away my love for food but only temporarily! I am a self-proclaimed super-taster and foodie, and what you have taken from me, especially on the days after chemo, is indescribable and insufferable. Instead of thinking about the joy that food brings, I wake up agonizing over what I can eat without throwing up or feeling nauseous.