The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

The Cancer Between Us

by Nick ChaseSurvivor, NeuroblastomaFebruary 21, 2024View more posts from Nick Chase

The Cancer Between Us

We were just kids

Playing catch, kiss, and release

With the fish of our dreams

On the afternoon of our lives


Now we sit in waiting rooms

Taking off work

To get blood work

To ensure we can work


And I wonder if we can still play

Card tricks—

like magic still exists

Beyond dyed hair

Or a five second stare


Will our words finally come out

Instead of staying stuck

In our mouth?


Can we be honest about

Our children

And the number of needles

It took us to get there?


I know if we begin again

We will be wrapped in

Paler skin

Boldly basking

In our battle scars


Never saying a word

To our un-named


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