The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Night Vision

by Madeline BennettSurvivor, Breast CancerApril 26, 2022View more posts from Madeline Bennett

Some years are a dark tunnel

claustrophobic with exhaust

Some, an open field

the biggest sky and the slightest breeze

And I suspect some years

fall somewhere in between

But my memory lately

is of the extremes


I walked from the meadow

into the cave

Not knowing how far it would go

Not knowing my suntan would fade

I made friends with the bears and the bats

and clung fast to a sliver of light

Hope, an afterimage

technicolor in my mind


I don’t know why I expected

to come out

the same creature

that went in

Now she’s the one I’m learning to befriend

My freckles have returned

but I’ve kept my night vision

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