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Mama Has Cancer

by Angel RinkerThriver, Breast CancerApril 10, 2024View more posts from Angel Rinker

My mama has cancer

She explained it to me:

There is a tiny germ in her

That we just can not see


Her chest has a lump

Located deep down inside

She talked to the doctors

And then sat down and cried


The doctors told Mama

Please “Dry your tears.

We’ll take very good care of you

Over the next many years.”


She will have chemo

A magical drug

To fight the bad germs;

Squash them like a bug


She’ll sleep and she’ll puke

While trying to smile

And make promises to me

That she’ll be fine “in a while”




Then to the hospital

Up in the surgical floor

They’ll remove her breasts

To have cancer no more


She’ll rest and she’ll heal

Waiting for the call

From the doctor to say

The chemo did not get it all




Still some cancer is there

Not yet the end of the race

She’s feeling defeated

I can see it on her face


The doctors say “pills

That is what we will do!

Soon you’ll be feeling

almost good as new.”


When those are all gone

They say “that is all.

If you have any other symptoms,

Just give us a call.


We can’t tell you yet that

The cancer is all clear

The cells are so tiny

But we see nothing here.


We’ll check in with you often

But go live your life

You should now be happy

Forget all this trouble and strife!”




So off she goes

With her friends walking and talking

While inside her head

the anxiety is mocking


With the achy bones

and tired sighs

she doesn’t feel better

as hard as she tries


Every bruise and new pain

She quietly keeps track

And can’t stop from wondering

When will the cancer come back?

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