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Letter to my Unborn Children

by Arely AcunaSurvivor, NeuroblastomaOctober 15, 2021View more posts from Arely Acuna

I always knew having you was a long shot, a thought, a wild dream

Yet night after night I prayed over my womb asking God to bless me with the gift of Life 


I had dreams of feeling your every movement from within my womb 

Hearing your heartbeat for the first time

I had dreams that were so detailed I saw your faces

I held you, kissed you and smelled you

Each time I awoke from those dreams my heart broke a little more 


My twenties have almost come and gone and nothing

My womb and my home remain empty


Due to circumstances beyond my control, I must now mourn those dreams and you before you ever arrived.

My babies know that momma wanted you more than anything

She tried so, so hard to make you a reality

Momma pushed her body, finances, and science to the limit to have you

Momma prayed for you for years and for whatever reason my prayers went unanswered

But momma tried, my babies 

Mommy tried.

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