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It Was Least Expected

by Haley GallagherSurvivor, Ewing's SarcomaAugust 27, 2021View more posts from Haley Gallagher

You may not think that missing an eye appointment is a big deal right? Well, you are wrong, so wrong. It is so important that you see your doctors for check ups throughout the year; you never know what they’ll find. 

For me, my tumor was found in my neck from a routine eye appointment. It turned out that my optic nerves were swollen, and they wanted an MRI to check for fluid in my brain. We were all in for a surprise when they found a tumor on the C1 of my spine. Lucky for me, I had a great ophthalmologist. Unluckily for me, I was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. 

If not for this other problem, my tumor wouldn’t have been found, and I would’ve known about it too late, I wouldn’t have made it. 

I am alive because of an eye appointment. Why are you still alive? What saved you? 


The room is spinning, you see in a blur. 

What is happening?

Your head is throbbing. 

You get answers you weren’t expecting.

Life is paused, you feel you’ve been robbed.

You realize what’s important.

Listen to your mind, why are you alive? 


Remember, you never know what life is going to bring, but you are the one who controls your response and your outcome. Think about the small things, think about the big things, and think about yourself. The world works in mysterious ways and we are all here for a reason, we just might not know what that is quite yet.

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