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Into the Void: A Poem of Survivor Grief

by Carly FlumerAugust 24, 2020View more posts from Carly Flumer

Into the Void: A Poem of Survivor Grief

A blanket of grief enrobes me as I talk with other AYA cancer patients.

As I hear their stories, painful thoughts crash in waves and quickly make their way to the forefront of my mind, creating emotional turmoil. 

“Why them and not me?” I think, as I want to pull the blanket down and hide my eyes, too embarrassed to show their tear-filled ducts.

I hear one of my doctor’s voices echo in the background. “I wouldn’t worry; if you had to get cancer, this would be the one to get.”

I think about how lucky I am, the positive statistical trends of thyroid cancer scrolling through my brain like flash cards.

“Know what your life is worth,” a woman with 3 years left to live says to us. I fear my empathy will never be enough.

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