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I Am Here and You Are Not

by Ryan FusonSurvivor, Testicular CancerJanuary 23, 2020View more posts from Ryan Fuson

As a cancer survivor I’ve struggled with the fact that I survived yet others who I have known and battled cancer did not. Although I’m very grateful to be alive I’ve thought to myself, “why did I survive and not them?” This poem is in honor of those who bravely fought cancer and have passed on.

I Am Here and You Are Not

I am here, and you are not.
With scars and wounds,
From the battle fought.
Why you not me, I often ask,
For me the Lord Almighty, must have a different task.
You were so good, and pure and kind,
Qualities within myself, I look to find.
You fought so bravely, and inspired me.
Your memory will remain, for eternity.
You showed me the way, to win at life.
From now on, I’ll limit anger and petty strifes.
Each day I rise with the suns warm glow,
From your example, I learn and grow.
A better person, I aim to be.
To lift and comfort others, that remain with me.
You do live on, in those you loved
I know you’re now, with God above.
Thank you, for what you’ve given me.
You’re in our hearts, for all to see.
Until the day we meet again,
On that great day, we all shall win.


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