The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Forty Thousand Feet

by Lisa OrrSurvivor, Breast CancerJuly 14, 2022View more posts from Lisa Orr

forty thousand feet.
a terrifying height.
at least it was,
it used to be.
every bump,
every shake would send me
over the edge.
as it turns out,
nothing is more terrifying
than the demons I’ve already conquered.
the ones that tried
to take me down.
this space,
forty thousand feet high,
is taking me to beautiful places—
places filled with sunshine.
filled with laughter and hope.
filled with togetherness.
filled with life.
the life that cancer tried to take,
but didn’t win.
and now I’m floating above the clouds,
with my body and soul intact,
planning the next adventure
without fear,
without hesitation,
because I CAN.
and you’ll never see me
take a second of that
for granted.

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