The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Cancer Didn’t Care

by Hannah NokesSurvivor, Burkitts LymphomaFebruary 13, 2022View more posts from Hannah Nokes

Cancer didn’t care

Cancer didn’t care I was only nineteen

Cancer didn’t care I wanted to go back to school

Cancer didn’t care I loved my body and was comfortable with myself

Cancer didn’t care I was happy with my life

Cancer didn’t care my parents had already lost one child

Cancer didn’t care my sister hates hospitals

Cancer didn’t care my anxiety was basically nonexistent

Cancer didn’t care


Cancer doesn’t care

Cancer doesn’t care I’m only twenty-one

Cancer doesn’t care that I got married

Cancer doesn’t care that I’m going back to school

Cancer doesn’t care that I’ve been thinking about the future

Cancer doesn’t care my husband and I want children

Cancer doesn’t care that I’ve worked so hard to recover from the last time cancer didn’t care

Cancer doesn’t care


Because cancer doesn’t have feelings or empathy

Because cancer only knows how to take

and it takes so well

Nothing takes like cancer takes


It takes anxiety-free doctor appointments

It takes the freedom of health

It takes a worry-free mind

It takes limbs

It takes organs

It takes lives

It takes mental health

It takes muscle

It takes family members

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