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Hodgkin Hub: Empowering the Hodgkin Lymphoma Community from Diagnosis Through Treatment

by Nick GiallourakisBrother and AdvocateNovember 30, 2020View more posts from Nick Giallourakis
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In the patient community, personal stories from people who have faced a similar cancer diagnosis have the power to offer invaluable insights, support and connection to others who may be starting on this life-changing journey.

Over the last several years, Seagen heard from many people living with Hodgkin lymphoma who shared that they wanted to know more about what to expect after their diagnosis, including how to navigate making difficult treatment decisions and getting through their treatment. To meet that need, in 2018, Seagen created Hodgkin Hub – a dedicated online resource for people impacted by Hodgkin lymphoma seeking information and support before, during and following treatment.

Hodgkin Hub

Visitors to Hodgkin Hub can find information and resources about Hodgkin lymphoma, and also watch real patient videos, providing a chance to hear directly from others who have been diagnosed and learn how they navigated their own journeys.

Two highlighted video series includes:

“Day in the Life” Stories

The “Day in the Life” videos highlight individual perspectives from Hodgkin lymphoma survivors on their day-to-day experiences through diagnosis, treatment, and life after. Visitors can hear from:

Kyle Piper Liz

“What the HL?!” Survivor Stories

The What the HL?! videos feature Hodgkin lymphoma survivors who talk about the questions they asked (or wish they had asked) after diagnosis.  Each provides their perspectives on navigating diagnosis, overcoming treatment challenges and finding support during life with Hodgkin lymphoma. Visitors can hear from:

Bryan Philomina

Visit for more information and resources for the Hodgkin lymphoma community.

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