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A Letter to My Hair

by Eleanor McDonaldJune 22, 2020View more posts from Eleanor McDonald

Dear loved one from a distant memory,

This is a love letter to someone I once knew. I miss you. I miss our time together. Your natural highlights. Your sultry lowlights. Ill always remember that time at roller kingdom with the bubblegum. Or when that goat at the petting zoo thought you were hay. I miss the way I felt when the salon would tell me how strong and damage-resistant you were. You were so great, that together, you and I could make one shower last three days. Magical. 

But alas, I never treated you right. I was always burning you with irons and dryers. Always using cheap drugstore products just cuz they smelled like the cape at sunrise. But you stayed with me. My 3rd grade bowl cut? You were there. Bangs in high school? You were there. When I decided to go blonde? You were like “mmm I mean you pale af guuuurl..but sure what the hell I’m there”. And now, you’re gone. If only I realized how lucky I was to have had you when I did, I would have treated you to that good good liquid gold Kerastase salon magic. Yeah, the real bougee shit. You were worth that crap.

Mainly, I am writing this letter to say thank you. Thank you for existing for so long and through so much.

But more importantly, thank you for falling out. Shaving you was one of the most obscure yet empowering things I have ever had to do. I was surrounded by friends, some who even took the razor to their own heads, just so I wouldn’t feel alone. I truly do not have the words. I guess what I’m trying to say is, losing you opened my eyes to how much love and support there is around me. So thanks.

I hope you’re up in heaven head banging with Bob Marley’s dreads and Amy Winehouse’s poof. We’ll see what color and texture your successor will be when the time comes. But I know that she’ll never have my back quite the same way you did.

Love, Ellie

PS: eyebrows, you are also incredibly missed. I feel bad for all those fights we had. I said some things, you said some things. Yeah, you were annoying. And tbh? Kinda flakey. Actually, I’m over you. Gonna go make a microblading appointment. BYE.



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