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Dear Cancer, I Learned to Live Again

by Myka RobinSurvivor, Hodgkin's LymphomaJune 23, 2022View more posts from Myka Robin

Dear Cancer,

When I found out you were in my body I was scared, mad, and I lost all hope. I hated you for so long for taking my hair, my health, and my hope. I hated you for giving me anxiety, PTSD, and for trying to kill me. While I am still trying to regain the physical and mental things you took from me, I forgive you now because through you, I was able to find my faith again as well as find true hope through God. Through you, Cancer, I was able to find my calling in life. Through you I was able to find my voice. I was able to trust again, and I found out what and who really mattered. In a crazy way, Cancer, I learned to live again, so while I hated you for so long, I am thankful in a way that you came into my body and pushed me back to the most important parts of life. I now have a better bond with family and a solid relationship with God. I learned a lot from you, including things about myself. I never knew I could be so strong yet so weak at the same time. I never knew I was so hungry to live and so eager to fight. Those times where I couldn’t fight or be strong, I learned that God would carry me. So dear Cancer, while this journey has been a battle of ups and downs, of smiling and tears, of fears and joy, I must part ways with you. Thank you for the life lessons and the friends I have made, and for those I have lost along the way. Thank you for giving me a better perspective on life. I forgive you Cancer, but I truly hope we never meet again.

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