The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.


Eating right and feeling good play a huge roll in anyone’s life.  As a cancer patient and survivor it can be the difference in beating a treatment or just getting through the day.  Check out these stories from others in the cancer community to help you get the wellness and nutrition you need.

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Cryotherapy for Recovery

by Lydia McMillan September 21, 2020

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 16, 2019. I knew the only way I would do chemotherapy is if my sweet husband asked me to. I wanted to take a holistic approach to healing my cancer.


Cancer as a Catalyst for Change

by Lisa Orr September 14, 2020

We spend our whole adult lives trying to make healthy choices: eat this, not that…do this, not that… buy this, avoid that. I must admit, however, that it wasn’t until cancer became a part of my life and my everyday vocabulary that I truly took any of my daily choices seriously.


The Realness of Wealth and Health

by Matthew S. Newman

Things happen for a reason. I never used to believe that prior to being diagnosed with a grade 3 astrocytoma at 39 years old. I was gifted with seeing through a new set of lenses and having a better understanding of the fragility of life. It altered my perception on the realness of destiny.


What Cancer CAN Do

by Ashley Smock September 11, 2020

The road to better health is paved with food that will fuel your body and boost healing, supportive friends who understand what you’re going through, small periods of movement that leave you feeling energized and a bit of ice cream with chocolate syrup mixed in from time to time. Overall wellness is attainable post-cancer. If I can do it, I KNOW YOU CAN TOO!


Meditation and The Breath of Life

by Angie Giallourakis, PhD September 8, 2020

Picture yourself sitting or lying down in a most comfortable position. You are relaxed. Eyes open or closed, it doesn’t matter. Breathing naturally. Aware of the surrounding sounds and smells.


September 2020 Magazine: The Wellness and Mindfulness Issue

by Nick Giallourakis September 2, 2020

When we put together our editorial calendar at the end of 2019 for 2020, I never imagined how significantly important our decision was to make the September magazine the “wellness and mindfulness” issue.


Climbing the Mountain

by Lauren Hindman May 13, 2020

I felt like I was walking on clouds…and surprisingly, that’s not as pleasant as it sounds. It’s almost like there was a disconnect between my feet and the ground.


The Mind, Body, and Soul Series

by Nick Giallourakis April 30, 2020

Sign up and join the young adult communities of the Dear Jack Foundation, Elephants and Tea, and Lacuna Loft during our month-long wellness series in May for an opportunity to connect, grow, and stretch!


The Epic Experiences

by Colin Ferro

These are three different stories combined into one post from our friends at Epic Experience talking about the importance of the outdoors and adventure camps.


3 Simple Exercise Tips During Social Distancing

by Jennifer Anand April 27, 2020

Think of someone you consider an “exercise buff”. Then think of the exact opposite person. You have now thought of me. I see so many articles of power lifters, and gym rats, and marathon runners, and all these gloriously physical people. And that’s not me