The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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To the Boobies

by JV January 28, 2022

I’m not sure if I’ve given you enough appreciation for the numbered years we had, because you weren’t really my asset; you were not big. I would look at other girls and sometimes I’d wish you’d be like theirs, but really most of the time having you felt like I didn’t give a damn, because I know that you are not the only one that made me feel beautiful, and my femininity does not solely belong to you.



by JV January 13, 2022

It’s Tuesday, and I’m scheduled for another chemo day. I look excited, happy and hopeful, which shows in my cute outfits for chemo, how I carry a lot of energy filming and taking pictures trying to document the entire experience, and how I just look like an innocent lady who has no idea how cruel the world can be since I am the youngest patient in the room.