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Survivor, Hodgkin's Lymphoma

“It’s Not You, It’s Your Cancer”

by Chelsey Gomez February 28, 2024

Did you know that some people will stop being your friend simply because you got sick? I didn’t know this was a “thing” until I myself was diagnosed with cancer. If you are reading this as someone outside the cancer community, you’re probably shocked or think I’m mistaken. I’m not.


Meeting Myself for the First Time

by Chelsey Gomez December 19, 2023

Boundaries—such a scary term and concept for someone like me who was raised without a solid understanding of healthy boundaries. I grew up being the perpetual “go-to” person in my family and in so many other areas of my life. I was always there for everyone else, regardless of my own needs. This was my way of life for 28 years, until cancer intervened, forcing me to reevaluate everything in my life.


Seeing Beyond the Labels

by Chelsey Gomez September 27, 2023

If you were to visit the social media page of a cancer patient who openly shares their diagnosis, I’m willing to bet $5 that their comment section would resemble something like this: “You are so brave!”; “You are so strong!”; “You are an inspiration!”; “You are a warrior!” Seemingly well-meaning comments that end up feeling less like compliments and more like expectations.


Dear Cancer, It’s Time to Break Up

by Chelsey Gomez July 12, 2023

Dear Cancer,

When you first entered my life, I greeted you with my fists up, ready to fight. You were scary… but I knew giving up was scarier. You never failed to remind me day after day that you were there. You whispered in my ear, “Time is running out. Just give up. You’re never getting out of here alive.”


Once Upon A Time

by Chelsey Gomez March 16, 2023

Once upon a time, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a wonderful support system, my treatments were easy on me, and I went right back to my normal life after treatment ended. Oh, and I looked fabulous bald! The End.

Just kidding. The real story is less of a fairy tale and more of a comedic tragedy.


The Unspoken Truths About Life After Cancer

by Chelsey Gomez October 27, 2022

One of the best kept “secrets” of the cancer world is something that is no secret to many of us. What is this secret you may be asking? It’s simple: life “after” cancer really really sucks. If a cancer muggle read that they’d probably shout at me, “At least you’re alive! Be grateful!” Yes, I’m alive, but I often ask myself at what cost? Am I truly living?


What Do the Holidays Mean to Me Now?

by Chelsey Gomez December 20, 2021

If I had custom ornaments made to commemorate my last three Christmases they would read: Christmas 2018 — “The one where I had cancer.” Christmas 2019 — “The one where I had cancer… again.”