The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

Stanford Storytelling Workshop

Storytelling Workshop presented by Elephants and Tea + Stanford’s AYA Program
Date/Time: Friday, August 7th at 3pm Eastern

The goal of this storytelling workshop is to bring together Stanford AYA’s with an Elephants and Tea writer who has experience in telling their story in facing cancer and the positive impact it has.

This first session will be a collaborative effort featuring Rachel Mihalko from Elephants and Tea, along with a Stanford AYA Program Mentor, talking about their experience sharing their story.

Rachel will focus hobbies and how they get her through treatments. Plus, how her interests changed during treatment and survivorship.

We will keep it light, fun, and engaging! Attend and ask questions or attend and just listen! Totally up to you!

The Agenda:

  1. Introduction by Pam Simon/Nick Giallourakis
  2. Overview of Elephants and Tea and what they do
  3. Why Storytelling has a positive impact
  4. Rachel to talk about two of her stories that she has shared on Elephants and Tea
  5. Stanford Mentor (TBD) to talk about their own experience sharing their story
  6. Open Discussion and Q&A

For those that have the time to review the two stories Rachel is going to speak to during the workshop, here are the links for people to get a jump start:

Do the Thing, Even if You’re Not Exceptional

When Your Life Becomes the Story: Poetry and Prose

Any questions before the workshop please contact or

Register Below – we will email you the Zoom link prior to the Workshop!