The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

One-on-One Support

Elephants and Tea Community Support

We are excited to announce that Elephants and Tea is expanding our ability to help people within the AYA cancer community by connecting them with others going through similar journeys and experiences. Elephants and Tea has partnered with Imerman Angels, a cancer support nonprofit in its 18th year of providing personalized connections which enable one-on-one support to cancer fighters, survivors, previvors and caregivers across the U.S. and around the world.

Imerman Angels is unique in that one-on-one peer support is the sole focus of the organization — something that Elephants and Tea sees as a huge value-add to our community. These services are always completely free and are available via phone or internet. Imerman Angels also brings other benefits to this partnership, including services in Spanish, support services for caregivers and other loved ones, a database of more than 14,000 Mentor Angels representing over 145 types of cancer, and dedicated Cancer Support Specialists who can find the perfect mentor for anyone seeking support.

The partnership between Elephants and Tea and Imerman Angels will allow us to focus on the services that truly define our mission: to help AYA patients, survivors and caregivers know they are not alone in their fight with cancer.

Elephants and Tea and Imerman Angels One-on-One Cancer Support ask those who would like to be a Mentor Angel to share their experiences and compassion with someone who is struggling with their cancer journey to Become a Mentor Angel.

Please click here to Become a Mentor Angel

Please click here for One on One Support

Any questions please contact for information or to volunteer to help us further our mission.

You can check out the Imerman Angels website here

Imerman Angels