The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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Survivor, Leukemia

Life as a 20-year-old bald Leukemia patient is never something we imagine in our wildest dreams growing up. Not knowing anyone else similar in age who can share how they coped with such fear and uncertainty was only the beginning of Stephanie Scoletti’s concerns. Little did she know that this disease would blossom into a mission that Pittsburgh, PA has never seen. Check out YASU for more information:

The “G” Word

by Stephanie Scoletti April 19, 2022

If I said, “The ‘C’ word”, you would know exactly what I’m referring to. Cancer has earned many names and initials over the years. Yet there’s one word that we still can’t seem to find ways to discuss, we struggle to accept it, and we simply fear it.


Finding Your Herd – YASU Style

by Stephanie Scoletti January 13, 2021

When Nick (Giallourakis) asked me to write my story on “finding your herd”, so many thoughts entered my mind. Should I write from my personal experience? Should I frame this as a nonprofit oncology professional?