The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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Sarah Bartosz is the President of the Gold In September (G9). G9 is dedicated to growing awareness, inspiring action, and funding research for childhood cancer. Pediatric cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease of children in the U.S. Despite the need for progress, childhood cancer awareness and financial support have not reached the same national level as other cancer awareness campaigns. Gold (G) is the recognized color for childhood cancer and September (9) is designated as National Childhood Cancer Awareness month; together, they make G9. G9 directly benefits the entire childhood cancer community with gold alliance. Through global research, strategic partners, and an altruistic, innovative approach, G9 is planting seeds of hope to grow gold.

Broken But Not Defeated

by Sarah Bartosz January 2, 2020

Dear Cancer, Why did you break my ankle? Yeah, I see you pointing your finger at other possible sources for my injury. Perhaps you think the UNO cards I slipped on as I was rushing into my son’s bedroom are the logical culprit. I hear your snarky remarks, “maybe if you made your son clean […]


Struggling to Fit In – The Plight of AYA Cancer Patients

by Sarah Bartosz September 9, 2019

I have stood on the platform of awareness and research to help find and fund cures for childhood cancer. It is a platform my family certainly didn’t willingly ask to stand on