The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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Patient & Survivor, PTLD B-Cell Lymphoma

What Happens To Me Affects Who I Become

by Rebekah Palmer September 6, 2023

The mainstream rhetoric for a reality lived with cancer is filled with battle imagery and military terms. As if cancer and the human being diagnosed with it are opposing forces destined to have met on a battlefield set in array for the epic fray of good (the human) versus evil (the cancer).


Treat Us Gently

by Rebekah Palmer May 17, 2023

I wish people knew that once cancer has attacked your body and the treatment ravages your immune system, there is no going back to before, nor do you never think about the cancer again—if it goes into remission.

Every year when flu seasons are at their highest, it’s more significant because now the flu isn’t just time off from other people and life’s routine—the flu could now seriously deplete your body for several more days and weeks. Preventative health is a giant measure in seasons of communal illness. Especially now that flu seasons have doubled up with pandemic precautions since 2020.