The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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Caregiver, Advocate

Pat Taylor became an AYA cancer awareness advocate when her daughter, Sara, age 23, was diagnosed with cancer back in 1997. Addressing the lack of support resources for young adults and their caregivers, Pat and Sara produced and distributed two films, “Sara’s Story” and “Chasing Rainbows Young Adults Living With Cancer”, and,

Just Keep Breathing: Coping With the Loss of a Young Adult Child to Cancer

by Pat Taylor July 25, 2019

I think that is the key word: choose. We can either choose to follow our child into the grave or learn to live without them. Live or die? Cancer stole their young lives… will it steal yours, too?


To Live, Die or Advocate: A Mother’s Choice

by Pat Taylor July 15, 2019

What is a mother to do when she first hears that her healthy, funny, bright, charismatic daughter has been diagnosed with cancer at age 23? Stand by her side, of course.