The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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Survivor, Stage 3 Breast Cancer
I am a Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survivor. My experience includes chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, double mastectomy/reconstructive surgery, an ICU stay due to postoperative sepsis and organ failure, as well as, clinical trial participant all while working full time and raising my three young children.  I have never let my cancer diagnosis define me, but I’ve allowed it to elevate me in all aspects of my life. The darkest moments that I have endured on my journey have opened my eyes, my heart and have ignited my determination for the most extraordinary second chance at living.
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Surviving Guilt

by Mia Tardive August 9, 2022

When I’m asked about whether or not I have experienced survivor’s guilt as it pertains to my existence here in this life with cancer, it’s an unrestrained “absolutely”. Simply put, I have no idea why I’m still here and others are not. Over my years of survivorship, I have met so many beautiful souls who understand what it’s like to be faced with the unbearable news that cancer has become this unwelcome part of your life.


Dear Cancer, I am My Own Story

by Mia Tardive June 11, 2021

You see, I am finally giving myself the permission to be me in the most authentic way possible. Sure, you might have forced my hand at discovering these things about myself all at once rather than bit by bit as I age, but I’m sick and tired of you taking the credit for how my life has changed.


Finding Strength in Healing

by Mia Tardive December 8, 2020

The thing about growing and moving on from something that once consumed you whether it be an illness, a relationship or any life experience for that matter, is that it truly is a process that is so incredibly complicated, to say the least.