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COVID-19: The Unexpected Trigger

by Megha Agarwal March 25, 2020

In light of the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), social distancing has become a norm all across the globe. Cancer survivors, like me, who underwent extensive chemotherapy are pros at social distancing.


Nothing Normal about the New Normal

by Megha Agarwal October 17, 2019

Once I finished crying over the fact that I needed 20 rounds of chemotherapy, 20 rounds of radiation and 5 years of hormonal therapy for my breast cancer diagnosis, I set a date in this mind.


Breast Cancer at 26

by Megha Agarwal August 9, 2019

Exactly a month before my 26th birthday, I was told I had breast cancer. Sounds heart-breaking? Weirdly enough, it wasn’t. When my weeping mother sat next to me and told me that the lump I had felt and gotten tested was positive, I smiled.