The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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Survivor, Adenocarcinoma

The Pain I Feel

by Leah Duncan October 30, 2022

The pain I feel won’t go away
It lingers on day after day.
Treatment comes and goes
But the journey continues to have so many lows.


Today I’m Angry

by Leah Duncan July 22, 2022

One year ago today I was diagnosed with Cancer. Freaking cancer. Stage THREE CANCER.

Today I’m angry. Today I’m heartbroken. I’m mad at how my life has changed. How my body and mind are forever different and there are things I still can’t do. I’m mad that I have radiation tattoos that will never go away, a scar where my port was, and an abdominal scar that always looks back at me in the mirror.


Dear Cancer, You Have Awakened Me

by Leah Duncan June 6, 2022

Dear Cancer,

You showed up when I least expected it. I suppose that’s how it always goes. I remember the air being sucked from my lungs for a brief minute, then, awkwardly, my mind went still, and I just stared out the window.


“It’s cancer. I’m sorry.”

by Leah Duncan February 15, 2022

“It’s cancer. I’m sorry.” I remember things immediately going silent. My brain and everything around me suddenly went dark. Hearing the words “rare and aggressive” and “I’m sorry” are a few things that I do remember.