The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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Patient, Breast Cancer

I’ve always believed that sometimes, if you look hard, there might be good that can come from bad. I’ve experienced that in so many ways as I navigate through breast cancer. One good that has come from having cancer is that it actually led me to opening an Etsy shop! Good came from bad. I have always loved making jewelry. Now, having a bald head presented an opportunity to come up with accessories that would make wearing turbans fun! So, I began making beaded turban accessories – beaded bands to jazz up turbans. Add the matching necklace and bracelet, and look out world here I come!

None of us chooses to go through something that actually creates a sometimes unrecognizable reflection in the mirror, but there it is. Wearing my turbans with fun matching beaded turban accessories creates, for me, another good from bad. That is why I opened Accessories of Courage. I want to share what I hope will make you feel good. You deserve good. 

We Can Choose How We Face Cancer

by Laura Foster October 5, 2020

Affected either directly or indirectly by diseases or treatments of diseases that ultimately cause us to lose our hair. We don’t choose this. But, we can choose how we face cancer.