The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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I have the desire to be a powerful and extraordinary in the experience of being human; I am continuously evolving as a survivor, writer, artist, global citizen, and most importantly, a human. My cancer journey led me to find the most unexpected beauty in writing, art, and soul connection within myself and others. My writing genres include poetry, non-fiction, short-stories, and spoken word. My art mainly focuses on the ceramics, oil painting, photography, and charcoal drawing.  These mediums have helped me to express my story, epiphanies, and emotions in ways that I cannot grasp otherwise. I hope that my writing and art will also find a home in you. If you have the desire, you can also connect with me at or check out my site:

How to Go on a Date

by Krishna Desai December 6, 2020

I wonder, what is worse—the cancer or virus? Which could bring alive the peaceful mortality that I deserve? Would the virus’s brevity or cancer’s longevity matter? I guess I could find out and remove all doubts, but there seems to be no more light within me to further investigate or trial. My scananxiety was already spent on the cancer part years ago; I have no more left for Covid.


Scar’s Falsehood

by Krishna Desai May 18, 2020

Each scar mocks the inner incomprehensive pain that once erupted under the skin. They almost serve as a lighter pigment to halfheartedly highlight the scar’s.


COVID-19: Welcome to my World

by Krishna Desai April 28, 2020

COVID-19: welcome to my world. I have been preparing for your experiment with my own. When the experiment initiated, people began to ask questions that they never knew they would need to ask.