The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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Bladder Cancer

Aging Gracefully Out of AYA

by Dee Master April 11, 2023

At 33 I was hooked booked and totally cooked—not in a good way. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer a month before my 34th birthday. I was chasing a diagnosis for over a year and my PCP sucked. In short, I have really hateful feelings toward her. 

She told me that it’s all in my head; it’s all because I’m a woman! And it’s my uterus! it’s the fibroids! It’s probably the two C-sections you had, and last resort: “it’s your weight” that is causing all this abdominal pain. 


Back Door Invasion – The Colonoscopy

by Dee Master January 29, 2020

Health before modesty! That was one of the fist things my urologist Dr. Colli said to me when I started my bladder cancer journey in 2013. 2012 Thanksgiving was horrific. It was extremely stressful for me Dr. Google announced to me ‘hey you have bladder cancer just the day after thanksgiving’. But back to the […]