The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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Your Treatment Team: A Focus on Mental Health

by Christina McKelvy, LPC CCMHC May 21, 2024

Having a psychologist and/or counselor as part of the treatment team is becoming more common, although not as common as necessary. Often, it is seen as an optional add-on, but it should be considered essential.


Words Matter—but Supportive Silence Can Go a Long Way

by Christina McKelvy, LPC CCMHC November 20, 2023

Over my father’s two-month journey diagnosed with stage IV Esophageal cancer, he had a parade of visitors. Each person shared something different, many not wanting to share out loud what we all feared.

“He’s strong.”
“He’ll get through this.”
“We need to pray harder.”


Grief During the Holidays

by Christina McKelvy, LPC CCMHC January 18, 2023

It is okay not to feel Joy when you hear “Joy to World.”

At this moment, as I walk through the stores and hear “Joy to the World,” I have a visceral reaction: I shudder. I want to walk out of the store and roll my eyes. I am not a grinch. I love Christmas; it is one of, if not my favorite holiday.