The Elephant in the Room is Cancer. Tea is the Relief Conversation Provides.

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Survivor, Renal Cell Carcinoma

Ashley Severson was born in Southern California and graduated from California State University Dominguez Hills in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She spent a term serving with AmeriCorps NCCC, where she traveled to states across the southwest, serving with Habitat for Humanity, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Hurricane Relief agencies, and other nonprofits. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma in April of 2021. Her goals for the future include helping others and becoming an advocate for other cancer survivors. 

Supposed to Be My Year

by Ashley Severson November 29, 2021

2021 was supposed to be my year. Living in Los Angeles, I made it through 2020 relatively unscathed, with big plans for the year ahead. I was transferring within my job, moving across the country, and starting my life with the man I love.